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  1. Brakes Won't Release - Replaced Everything

    1G Problems & Issues
    Man I have searched everywhere on this forum for insight into this super annoying problem I am having with my brakes. If I can get some help resolving this, I will seriously send you $20 tip through Paypal. Vehicle - 2007 RTL Initial Problem Master Cylinder started failing - would not hold...
  2. Moonroof stuck open tonight! 09 RTL

    1G Problems & Issues
    Hi forum, It's been a while! I'm panicking tonight. I've searched the forum, and the web. Can'd find anything specific to Ridgeline. 8:30 pm here on the East Coast. Anyone have any knowledge or resources they could refer me to about getting a moonroof manually closed or resetting or...
  3. CD/Stuck no GPS help

    1G Problems & Issues
    I went to eject a CD out of my 6 disc CD changer that is in the front dash of my Ridgeline and it didn't come and only makes the ping ping noise and it says Mechanical Error. I get that the Gear in the CD probably broke but was miffs me is now my Navi Screen is down and I can not get it to go...
  4. Driving in Sand: Not good

    How good are these Ridgelines in the sand? I got stuck on the beach in January and it took me almost an hour to get myself out. Granted the sand was pretty loose, but each summer I drive out on the beaches in Nantucket and my 07 RT always struggles. I have 20's on it which should help but...
  5. Trunk stuck- how to open by removing bolts?

    1G Exterior
    like other threads ive read here my trunk is stuck because its too full, no way drilling drain plug out to shift cargo around would work for my situation, Ive read about removing the 10mm bolt under the rubber caps in the truck bed, can someone elaborate on this process I have an entire...
  6. Broken Glovebox Latch

    1G Problems & Issues
    Hi, recently my glovebox latch broke mysteriously. I was able to get it open and replace it. I thought I would make a YouTube vid about it incase anyone else has this problem. I searched the forum but there wasn't much help on this particular issue. Hope this helps...
  7. Buckled bodywork after jacking stuck vehicle

    Dear Honda: (Feedback Forum)
    I got my truck stuck this past spring on a logging road east of Vancouver. It was on a cross ditch where the culvert was removed. I got half way over and then tires started spinning. I had to jack up three ends and put rocks under each tire to get traction, and the truck easily backed away. It...