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sub woofer

  1. Subwoofer Harness

    1G Mobile Electronics
    I have a 2014 Sport and I'm upgrading the head unit the hard way I'm now realizing. I bought a 6 CD XM (3TS3) unit off of Ebay. I also purchased the factory sub woofer. Two questions: Is the sub woofer harness already installed in the Sport? According to the parts manual it is. If it is...
  2. Serious System Question - Need Advice JL Subs, Comps, and Amp

    1G Mobile Electronics
    I need advice on a system I am about to purchase, there are multiple variables so I will be as comprehensive in my description as possible. :act060: Lets talk about Bass first because that seems to be everyones favorite topic: I need to know if anyone has ever successfully installed a JL 12w6...
  3. 2006 EXL w navi - Upgrading to all-in-one navi headunit

    1G Mobile Electronics
    You might think I'm crazy for wanting to do this but I'm running into a few problems with stock setup... The cd changer has the skipping when it's cold problem, and the stereo has begun to clip at louder volumes when used with either the aux input or the cd player. The first problem I can deal...
  4. Opinions on the Ebay Subwoofer Setup

    1G Mobile Electronics
    I want to add some bass to my ridgeline, I saw three subwoofer setups on Ebay, anyone purchase these? Any opinions? A. Generic Sub box: B. Q-Logic Setup...
  5. Fs: Ridgeline sub box w/ kenwood 10" subs

    Trading Post
    My lease is ending on the Ridgeline so I'm getting rid of my sub box. This box fits perfectly under the backseat of the Ridgeline - fits dual 10" subs that fire down. The box has a pair of Kenwood 10" subs - model KFC-W2509. I am selling these on eBay currently but would be willing to end the...
  6. 12" Subs under the seat.

    1G Mobile Electronics
    So my sister totaled my old 98' Maxima in a crash today. She is fine but the Maxima can R.I.P.(97 - 4/28/09). Because of this I have removed my sound system from that car and luckily the speaker sizes are the same as the RL. (minus the subs). I have Kenwood components 6.5" with 1"tweeters /...