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  1. Trading Post (Ridgeline-specific)
    A lot of Ridgeline owner's like the sound, power and ease of removal of these JL CP108 MicoSubs. Also, the dimensions of the enclosure fit perfectly under the rear folding seat of the Ridgeline. I bought it new from a local retailer and used it for about 2 years before deciding to go with a much...
    $250 USD
  2. 1G Mobile Electronics
    So, as I said in this thread, I am documenting the install of a Rockville 10 inch sub-woofer in my 2006 RT Ridgeline. I bought this RL almost a year ago. The original owner had put a decent Kenwood NAV unit in a few years ago, but left everything else bone-stock. Original paper cone speakers...
1-2 of 2 Results