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  1. Stock subwoofer replaced, box modified, sound results!

    1G Mods, Installs and How-To's
    My 2011 RTL's stock door speakers and dash tweeters have all been upgraded to Infinity Kappas, and I wanted to swap out the sub as well. But, the rear seats seemed daunting, and most posters were saying it wouldn't be worthwhile. I've installed many full systems with amplifiers since the 1980's...
  2. Hertz EBX F20.5 Subwoofer replaces OEM

    1G Mobile Electronics
    I just installed the Hertz EBX F20.5 Subwoofer as a replacement to the OEM one behind the seat. I already had the other speakers upgraded and an amp installed so this was the easy part. The main reason for writing this is that this Hertz unit fit in the same space as the OEM subwoofer of my...
  3. Powered Sub hookup - Help with existing wires?

    1G Mobile Electronics
    Greetings all. Been a member for a bit but my first post. I know there are a ton of related posts but I can't find the specific answer (and I'm not sure if it's proper etiquette here to jump into an existing thread with my question or to create my own - so I chose the latter). Anyhow, I've got...
  4. Looking for easiest head unit to install 2006 RT

    1G Mobile Electronics
    I've read through the forums and I understand that unless I get a separate amp or a 6 channel HU, I am going to lose the factory sub-woofer. With that in mind, I have a two questions. 1) Will losing the factory sub dramatically decrease my sound quality? 2) What is the easiest replacement...
  5. Need more clearance under rear seat!

    First Generation Ridgeline (1G 2006-2014)
    Hey guys, I'm new here and just picked up my 06 RTL with 120k on it about 2 months ago. I've already done a number of projects on it, and have been finding everything I needed here and already laid out in steps heh. Its been great but now I need some input. I'm looking for a way to get just a...
  6. Aftermarket HU disables subwoofer?

    1G Mobile Electronics
    I'm looking at installing a Kenwood DPX-500BT head unit in my '08 Ridge RTL, no nav. A note on the Crutchfield site says the subwoofer will not work with this unit, and with many other aftermarket HUs. Anyone know why, and most important, if there's a work around? (I'd rather not have to spring...
  7. Really cheap subwoofer and enclosure combo!

    1G Mobile Electronics
    Found these two while looking for enclosure's and figured I'd leave a post on here and see what everyone's thoughts are. Does it fit well and which should I get?
  8. How can I upgrade my truck's audio?

    1G Mobile Electronics
    I have a 2007 Ridgeline in black and I really like the truck. I recently added the iPod control unit and aux input, but I seem to find the bass lacking. Is there any way to replace the stock subwoofer, or would I need to just put another sub in the truck? If I had to put in something like a...
  9. 2013 Ridgeline RTL Stereo Install

    1G Mobile Electronics
    Time to pay it forward ... thanks to all those whose posts helped me get the job done right. A brand new 2013 Ridgeline RTL should have a better sound system than a 160 watt 6-disc CD change ... and since I had done a stereo install in my previous vehicle (2005 Honda Pilot) I was confident I...
  10. Bazooka Makes a "Popping" Noise

    1G Mobile Electronics
    Hi, I have a BTA8100FHC hooked up to my 2006 Honda Ridgeline RTL which makes a variety of popping noises. When I turn the key to the ACC/ON position, the sub makes a soft pop, and 3 seconds later a slightly louder pop. Everything then works fine until I go to turn the car off. When turn the car...
  11. stock subwoofer wire help please.

    1G Mobile Electronics
    i recently replaced the head unit. but the sound is not there with out the sub. i wanted install a small amp and tie into the sub wires behind the radio.. can anybody tell me which wires on the stock harness behind the radio go to the sub. thnx! this way i don't have to take the seats apart and...
  12. WTB: Custom Subwoofer Box

    1G Mobile Electronics
    Does anybody know where I can purchase a custom subwoofer box to replace the stock subwoofer behind the back seat? I would prefer one that can accommodate an 8" or 10" sub. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, -ju571n
  13. Anybody have the Q-logic sub set-up?

    1G Mobile Electronics
    Trying to find out if anyone has the qlogic box with two 10s installed. curious on sound and quality.
  14. Anyone using the Sound Ordance please

    1G Mobile Electronics
    Anyone using the Sound Ordance B8P-T provide pics showing placement and provide any opinions on quality, performance, etc. please. I see people posting about it's possible use but no one actually using it. I've been researching subs/powered subs for sometime and can't make up my mind. Any help...
  15. Does anyone know if the sound ordnance b8pt will fit under the front seat?

    1G Mobile Electronics
    Looking at sub options-don't want anything under the back seat and avoiding removing the back seat to install would be awesome. Has anyone fit any sub under the front seat?
  16. Anyone ever stuffed the OEM sub?

    1G Mobile Electronics
    So far, I've replaced the OEM door speakers w/ the commonly used Polk 6.5" coaxials, and Dynamatted all 4 doors. The sound was greatly improved, but I'm not as satisfied as I'd like to be. I just read the thread on replacing dash tweeters (didn't even know I had 'em until now!), and will...
  17. On/off switch in remote wire for sub amp?

    1G Mobile Electronics
    I currently have my amp's remote wire hooked up to ignition so when key is turned it powers up, it works great but I share this car with my family and they do not enjoy the base of my two rockford fosgate p2d4-15's, so as of now I have been unplugging RCA cables from amp every time I get out of...
  18. Pioneer TS-SWX251

    1G Mobile Electronics
    Does any one know if the Pioneer TS-SWX251 will fit behind the rear seat in the OEM subwoofer location, the link to the setup if from crutchfeild please if anyone knows if this will fit...
  19. Adding a Subwoofer to the Stock Radio

    1G Mobile Electronics
    Just thought i'd put this up as there isnt a really great guide to this, email with any questions if you want, I got away doing this for about $150 and my time, that includes everything, box, wiring, sub, and amp, craigslist and ebay are great So the steps i took 1- build the box, its...
  20. Replacing sound system in full. What do you think?

    1G Mobile Electronics
    Can I get some feedback on my audio upgrade. I plan on putting 6.5 inch speakers all through out the truck and a pioneer shallow truck sub in place of the factory subwoofer. Powering everything with a 5 channel kicker amp. I am using coaxile speakers. Dont want to mess with component. Heres what...