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  1. Supercharger kit... NOW!!! $5-6K!!

    1G Under The Hood / Performance
    OK folks here is the news! Contacted CT Engineering about the prototype Ridgeline supercharger they show on Facebook and this is what they said. Their Ridgeline supercharger produces a nice bump approx 70-80 hp, it bolts on cleanly and runs well! I shared the concern of the extra HP damaging...
  2. GTE Intake Supercharger

    1G Under The Hood / Performance
    So I feel like I already know the answer to ti question but I need to ask. Is this crap?
  3. Honda Ridgeline Supercharger???

    1G Under The Hood / Performance
    hey guys im new to the site but im already addicted, i just bought a gibson cat-back and some 4300K HID's and was looking for a cold air intake when i saw this it claims to be some type of faux...