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  1. Tailgate Wars (Ridgeline not invited)

    Other Cars, Trucks and Bikes
    I saw this video today about the big 3 tailgate wars, and thought it was quite interesting. I didn't realize that Ram was building a new swing tailgate.
  2. Large uneven gaps where the tailgate meets the body

    2G Problems, Fixes & TSB's
    A few months ago, I bought a '17 RTL-E with 42K miles and I recently noticed these large, uneven gaps on the edges of the tailgate.I've never noticed it before, and I really don't think these gaps are supposed to be this big. Are they supposed to be like this?
  3. tailgate won't open - how can I unlatch?

    1G Exterior
    I have a 2006 and the tailgate won't open in either direction. I have found lots of topics talking about this issue, but nothing specific to the first step, which is: how do i unlatch it? I have tried taking the taillight out and poking around at the latch, but didn't really know what I was...
  4. popnlock.png


    Pop and Lock electric tailgate lock with remote switch
  5. Sand within the Tailgate

    Washing / Waxing / Detailing
    So I was moving landscape rock from a neighbors garden, putting it in the bed and transplanting it to my yard. There was a good amount of sand and dirt mixed in with the rock. In that process, the tailgate was down (not swung open) and sand got inside the metal outside and plastic inside of the...
  6. Got VIN; nice dealer in OR - Parker Johnstone Honda in Wilsonville

    Shoppin' and Test Drivin'
    Received my VIN notification (13,xxx) from my local dealer who gave me the best value for our gently used 41K mile Tundra DoubleCab 5.7L and placed our order for RTL-E in Modern Steel Metallic. And Parker Johnstone's team did MSRP on an RTL-E when many others in the area were asking over MSRP...
  7. Tailgate open warning?

    Second Generation Ridgeline (2G 2017+)
    I've noticed when i'm hauling stuff with the tailgate down, it get a warning that shows the tailgate is open, but opened "sideways". I'm hauling stuff with the tailgate open "down" (the traditional way all other pickup tailgates open). Is that by design, or is mine malfunctioning? I can...
  8. Remove badging from tailgate?

    2G Accessories, Performance Parts & Modifications
    Does anyone know if that giant Honda "H" is drilled or just stuck on? I think the truck would look a lot cleaner without it. :-(
  9. Cargo bed lights on tailgate drop not activating

    1G Problems & Issues
    Hey sorry I am brand new and the thought of looking through 250+ pages to see if this has been addressed was not making happening. When I drop the tailgate the cargo lights flash on for a second then go off, they flash on about halfway open. However, if I swing the gate open the lights...
  10. Cedar Mod :(

    1G Exterior
    Wife backed the 2011 Ridgeline RT into a cedar tree and dented it pretty well. The swing latch isn't working and I tinkered with it enough to stop the warning chime from tripping intermittently. I'm a helluva time finding a replacement tailgate without going to a dealer or collision center. Any...
  11. Did a ton of mods today!

    1G Mobile Electronics
    Hi All, With many helpful tips I learned on this board I got the following things set up: Cubby Cover DynoLock Pioneer AVH-P4400BH Metra Axxess ASWC Black Factory Tail Gate handle with eBay / Hong Kong rear camera. Here are some pictures of the install. And I also used a KUDA mount and the...
  12. Motorcycle & OEM Tonneau cover rails

    1G Exterior
    Hi Guys, I have been searching all morning trying to find an answer to this. I just recently picked up my 08 EXL and it came with the OEM tonneau cover installed. This coming weekend I will be putting my sportbike in the back and making a couple hour trek up north for some cottage fun and...
  13. San Antonio Honda Tailgate for 2007

    Texas Ridgeline Owners
    Hi gang, I backed into a wall with my tailgate down and thought I had ruined my tailgate. Turns out I just popped the plastic brakets holding the control handles. The dealership expected the repair to cost more than a $1000 so I bought a tailgate at salvage. Turns out the service guy (awesome)...
  14. Dent in the tailgate

    1G Exterior
    I have a pretty noticeable dent in my tailgate. There is a slight chip in the paint, but it is mostly just a big dent. The color is 2010 bali blue pearl. what is the best way to fix this?
  15. Dyno-lock installed on 2011 RTL

    1G Accessories
    I installed the Dyno-lock on my 2011 RTL. It was not an easy job. I have done lots of wiring and various installs in all my previous vehicles, I am a ham operator, so running wires and cables is not new for me. My son helped me, he also has lots of experience. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being...
  16. 2007 bed light question

    1G Exterior
    Hi everyone, i got a quick question about the lights in the bed. does anyone know where the switch is located in the back? here is my problem: I noticed that when i open the tailgate like a door the lights come on, and everything is fine, but when i open the tailgate down, the lights come on...
  17. broken tailgate cable with motorcycle in bed

    Racks, Hitches & Towing
    Driving on the highway at about 75mph, I hit a slight dip. I heard and felt the sound that sends chills up the back. :eek:I could see the Honda ST1300 had not fallen out of the bed, but I knew something was wrong. The cable had broken on the tailgate. The tailgate is now sitting almost to...
  18. Tailgate Will Not Swing Open! Please Help!

    1G Problems & Issues
    I've just purchased a 2006 RTL Blue Ridgeline and I love it. The only problem is the tailgate-it won't swing open! I've tried slamming it, like other people have said, but that doesn't work. Could it be that the oil in the latch has frozen? It is 9 degrees here every night, so it could possibly...