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throttle response

  1. throttle pulsing (turned out to be the transmission)

    Second Generation Ridgeline (2G 2017+)
    I’ve been experimenting with the “ECON” button on and off since I bought my 2017 RTL-E. It seems to add about 1mpg overall. However, I decided to leave it on permanently because it dampens throttle sensitivity and prevents jackrabbit starts, which is nice. I’ve since noticed throttle pulsing...
  2. Throttle Lag

    1G Problems & Issues
    My 2014 Ridgeline SE has intermittent throttle lag of 2 or 3 seconds after coming to a stop and trying to move away. It is like the accelerator is disconnected and then BANG it comes on with high revs depending on accelerator position. Is there a fix for this? My 2007 had instant response...