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timing belt

  1. Is there a way to visually inspect the timing belt without going through the complete steps of replacement?

    1G Under The Hood / Performance
    As along with my previous posts regarding my new Ridgeline, I have done a full round of fluid servicing/testing on the truck after taking possession as a second owner. The truck is 2009 and based on mileage (97k km, 60k miles) the timing belt does not need to be changed yet. However it still...
  2. Timing Belts and carrier bolt re-seal

    First Generation Ridgeline (1G 2006-2014)
    Dealer told me that my 07 Ridgeline had an oil leak related to the carrier bolt seal and I should have it replaced while they change the belts, tensioner and water pump etc (94K - 13 years old) at an additional $397.53 (otherwise it would cost +-$1500 if done on it's own) Here is how they worded...
  3. 2008 Ridgline 50,000miles Timing belt? other things I should check?

    1G Tires, Wheels and Suspensions
    My 2008 Ridgeline has 50k on the miles. its now 10years old thinking about doing the timing belt what brand do you recommend if doing self. and replacing 17in tires I'm wanting something studded that won't rub when turning anyone have any suggestions
  4. B4 DIY, it's that time! Pony up or dive in?

    1G Problems & Issues
    '06 I picked up 2nd hand about 3 years ago is now showing 97K on the clock. Original owner treated her nicely with dealer service at all indicated due dates. Since I've got 'er, I do all but the recalls myself. At the last oil change, while resetting that interval, the MM said something along...
  5. Kick in the Nuts

    1G Problems & Issues
    So the Ridgleline dies on the road. With a friend we tow it home behind a minivan. First thing i do is read the Codes. Just 1 ... Camshaft Sensor Error. So thinking along these lines I check the wire, readings etc and while I am cranking the engine I dont get a pulsing voltage from the...
  6. Anyone broke a timing belt under 100K? 50K?

    1G Under The Hood / Performance
    There are several useful timing belt threads here, but I'd like to ask a question, for mechanics or just plain RL users, from a different approach. The reason is that I have just already replaced my TB on my 08 at about 107K, along with the other belts, plugs and water pump. Due to the stout...
  7. New Owner of 2006 Ridgeline

    Greetings & Introductions
    Howdy all. Just getting used to my new 06 and the very short bed. I am used to a full sized F-150. I do some landscaping, feed hauling, kayaking and camping and am figuring out how best to fit it all. I bought this used one as a precurser to maybe buying a brand new one in a few years and doing...
  8. Wobble/grumbling noise behind timing belt cover

    1G Problems & Issues
    Hello Everyone, I have been searching online for several months but came to a dead end. I own a 2009 Honda Ridgeline RTL with 90,000 miles on it. I have had the Timing belt and pump and all the necessary idlers replaced but i get this wobble/grumbling noise when the engine is idle and once it...
  9. Best rotors and Brake pads for '07 Ridgeline?

    1G Recalls, TSB's and Notices
    Hello Group I have an '07 that is about to hit 100,000 miles Currently at 94,000. I want to do preventive maintenance on my truck and besides buying a Timing belt kit, I'm interested in upgrading the brakes but there are so many options out there that I'm at a loss on where to start and I...
  10. A14 parts nightmare

    1G Problems & Issues
    Been searching forums for a good 2 hours trying to find the parts list of what I need for my TB change. I've accumulated this knowledge list but I need someone to confirm: SHOULD CHANGE: 14400-RCA-A01 BELT, TIMING (197YU20 VE-501) (UNITTA) 14520-RCA-A01 TENSIONER, TIMING BELT AUTO...
  11. Underhood engine related rattle (IMT?)

    1G Problems & Issues
    199.5K miles on my 06 ridge and a new and nasty rattle has developed that seems to be engine related. The rattle sound like it is up high in the engine, maybe in the intake plenum? I have recently changed the timing belt, water pump, timing belt tensioner, accessory belt and its tensioner (about...
  12. Timing Belt Condition Report

    1G Under The Hood / Performance
    All, My 2006 with 55k miles on it hit the age recommendation to replace the timing belt. Had the belt(s), water pump and tensioner replaced. All in cost was about $680 parts and labor at the Honda dealer. I had the dealership save the parts. Not sure I was surprised, but the belt showed no...
  13. Timing belt

    1G Problems & Issues
    Had to have timing belt replaced. Called by dealer and told I had to get additional timing belt tensioner that was not included in the "package". Seems like the tensioner should have been part of the "package". Also paid for oil change and after reading about it I think that is part of the...
  14. 60,000 Mile Service ???

    1G Problems & Issues
    Morning all, I'm a rookie here, but this seemed like a good time to start. I have 59,900 miles and I'm told by the manual that it's time to have the timing belt replaced, and have the transaxle/transmission flushed. Is this really necessary at 60K? I do no hauling or towing - I get some...
  15. Timing Belt change... anyone done this themselves?

    1G Problems & Issues
    My '06 Ridgeline has 160K on it, and I'm just now changing the Timing Belt. (recommended at 150K for most vehicles). Has ANYONE done it themselves... any major pitfalls, or just follow the book?
  16. Timing Belt in Arizona

    1G Under The Hood / Performance
    I just purchased my 06 RTL two weeks ago with 73k on it. Arizona is 110 degrees one month of the year. Does that constitute a need for a timing belt change at 60,000 (13k miles ago) or should I rely on the Message Minder? What have you Arizonan's done?