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  1. 2G Audio, Bluetooth, Electronics & Navigation
    Discovered a new TSB which affects GPS/Clock (Issued APR 25, 2018) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TSB 18-024 2017 Ridgeline (Also affects Accords and Pilots) Title: Clock Resets and Navigation Does Not Acquire Satellites SYMPTOM The clock...
  2. 1G Recalls, TSB's and Notices
    Does anyone know if there is a recall or tsb for the rear seat entry handle breaking off on the 2008 Ridgeline? This is the handle mounted right behind the driver seat to assist the rear seat passenger getting in and out. My 6 year old that weighs about 45 lbs uses this handle to help get in...
  3. 1G Exterior
    On my '06 Amazon Green Ridgeline, I noticed yesterday that the paint is starting to peel/blister. It must have surfaced with in the last week or so, or I certainly would have noticed it. It almost looks like it took some sort of hit with a chemical solvent, though I don't see how that is...
1-3 of 3 Results