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  1. Help Please! Turn Signal Working but Not Hazard/Marker Light...weird

    1G Problems & Issues
    Hello, first time asking a question on this forum but a long time reader. I'm having an issue where the front passenger side turn signal is working but not the marker light (the yellow light that stays on when the lights are on) and the hazards aren't coming on at all. All the hazards are doing...
  2. Right Turn Signal Blinking and Clicking Twice as Fast as Left

    1G Problems & Issues
    Hello, When I use my turn indicator to make a right turn, the interior signal and exterior front and rear turning lights click/blink twice as fast as when I do it for a left turn. This just started recently (2006 Ridgeline). Any ideas greatly appreciated. thanks!
  3. NEW V3 Triton LEdS from vLEds!!

    1G Accessories
    Has anybody installed the new triton led bulb system in our ridgelines yet replacing the front turn signals? Or any personal experience with the product itself. The quality of materials and finished look is impressive! Online at least. Lol. I want to order the 6k white/amber switchbacks with...