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  1. BT45-HON3 Issue

    1G Mobile Electronics
    I have been using the BT45-HON3 adapter in my 2007 RTL (no Nav) for 3 years or so with little issues. Now, all of a sudden I get no sound out of it as far as music/media. However, I do get sound when calling. Further the radio now has a CH icon lit up that was not previous (even when off)...
  2. Definitive, USA SPEC BT45-HON3 Works With 2014 SE Nav & XM

    1G Mobile Electronics
    My first post as I bought 2014 SE at the end December. It has Nav & XM. My wife has a CRV with Nav and XM, so I was aware that the BT probably wouldn't steam audio, what I didn't realize is that the Ridgeline didn't have a USB input like the CRV, which allows control and displays music info...
  3. Lift help/advice and more

    1G Accessories
    Hey guys I decided to start a thread need some help/ tips... First off i was looking at the USA Spec PA15-Hon2 and it looks great but i was curious if its worth the money and the trouble... I have a FM transmitter for my ipod i mean it works but its not that loud cause it has to be played...
  4. uPAC vs. NEO vs. USA Spec iPod Adapter

    1G Mobile Electronics
    The searching I've done over iPod adapters makes it seem like USA Spec is the most popular one. But I was wondering how it compared to two other adapters, uPAC HON1 and Neo ProLink PODHONR3V215? They seem to offer a bit more functionality, albeit at a higher price. Ideally I would like as much...