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  1. 2019 Ridgeline VCM Issue

    2G Problems, Fixes & TSB's
    I posted this on reddit originally and someone suggested I post it here to see if anyone has a fix for the VCM vibration/noise. Original post below. After pouring buckets of money into my old Jeep Cherokee month after month without end, trying keep it alive, always telling myself each repair...
  2. VCM Mode Indication?

    Second Generation Ridgeline (2G 2017+)
    Is there an indication available to the driver that VCM has deactivated cylinders? I have not been able to find any indication when my truck is in VCM mode. I have not tried a scan tool. Is that a possibility?
  3. Problems with VCM Muzzler II

    Second Generation Ridgeline (2G 2017+)
    I installed the VCM Muzzler II a couple of weeks ago and it worked fine until last Friday. I probably logged almost 800 miles with the truck fully loaded with no issues. Then I pulled my boat (2,000 lbs) about 14 miles and after crossing a bridge error codes started scrolling across the...