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  1. VSA, VTM-4, ABS, /!\ lights on AND Horn does not Beep on 2nd Key Fob Lock

    1G Problems & Issues
    There are many threads on the forum about these lights being stick on (with or without CEL ) Recently (last 2 weeks) the above 4 lights came on intermittently. As Skeeter7424 opined in post451593 The lights generally clear for me after 2 cold starts (ie it's on in the morning. I drive to...
  2. Brake problem after washing truck?

    1G Problems & Issues
    I don't really post here but I use this site all the time for the vast amount of info. While I have found some good info related to my issue, the way it came about has me stumped and I can't find any posts that address the issue my 2007 RTL has right now. I am in Virginia and we just had snow...
  3. 2009 Honda Ridgeline RT VSA, VTM-4, Check Engine, and Warning light on

    1G Problems & Issues
    My 2009 Honda Ridgeline RT occasionally displays the yellow Check engine, VTM-4, VSA and traction control warning diamond lights a few seconds after starting. All the lights turn on at once but there is no noticeable issues with the vehicle. No feeling of a misfire or steering issues. The lights...
  4. Multiple lights on for a bit, then gauge cluster flatlined. Dealer overcharging?

    1G Problems & Issues
    Sorry for the long post, but this has been a strange one. BLUF: the gauges died/went on the fritz, and after a week and a half of "troubleshooting", they want to replace the "Combination Gauge Meter" to the tune of $1457. Worried I'm being ripped off. Preemptive: *it's not the battery*. It's...
  5. Traction Concerns

    1G Problems & Issues
    Hi Everybody - As you all probably know, weather here in Chicago has been terrible, and it's raised some questions for me re: my Ridgeline's performance in snow and ice. I used to think that my RT had amazing traction and handling in virtually all conditions, as most have reported on this...
  6. VSA module for sale online?

    1G Problems & Issues
    Anyone whois knows where I can by a VSA module online? Frode
  7. VTM-4 Alarm & Error codes

    1G Problems & Issues
    My 2007 model Ridgeline comes up with a VTM-4 alarm after some minutes of driving. I got the following error codes when downloading codes to a PC at the local Honda workshop: ABS/VSA: 91-1 68-1 Body: B1008 B1060 B1061 At low speed the car has a low noise from the right front tier. The noise...
  8. Check ABS System, Check VSA System

    1G Problems & Issues
    Hello, I have a brand new 2011 RTL w/ Nav. and i just hit 3000 miles on it a few days ago. For the past 2-3 weeks the "Check ABS System" and "Check VSA System" lights go on intermittently. I have no idea what could be causing it. If i turn it off and turn it back on it goes away. Sometimes...
  9. Cape Cod National Seashore Beach Driving

    Took the RL to Cape Cod last weekend with a friend for 3 days. Of course had to go check out the beaches of the National Seashore, especially after reading about all the fun people have been having here with their trucks in the sand. We got a 7 day permit and spent a few hours just driving...