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  1. First Generation Ridgeline (1G 2006-2014)
    I have a 2012 Honda Ridgeline Sport and had the rear differential fluid and transmission fluid serviced/replaced at 37,222 miles. I am now seeing a B16 Maintenance Minder Code, which B1 is just rotate tires, but B6 is Replace VTM-4 rear differential fluid. I currently have 44,000 miles which is...
  2. 1G Problems & Issues
    My 2007 model Ridgeline comes up with a VTM-4 alarm after some minutes of driving. I got the following error codes when downloading codes to a PC at the local Honda workshop: ABS/VSA: 91-1 68-1 Body: B1008 B1060 B1061 At low speed the car has a low noise from the right front tier. The noise...
  3. 1G Under The Hood / Performance
    2 weeks ago, I was accelerating after a right turn, and the check engine light came on, then 2 seconds later the Vtm light came on. I could not accelerate past 5 mph after this. I pulled over, turn the truck off and upon restart, the Vtm light went off and I could drive normally. The check...
1-3 of 3 Results