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  1. lift, axle problems

    Basically getting mixed messages from two local dealers. Now turning to this forum for help. 1-Will a lift kit from jsportusa damage the axles? 2-Will is void the warranty? 3-Does it have to be installed at the dealership? Basically dealer is asking $900 and says it's an all day job. Jsport...
  2. Faulty Brake Pedal Switch in 2019 Ridgeline Causes Multiple Problem Codes

    2G Problems, Fixes & TSB's
    Hi Folks. After putting only 900 miles on the odometer, we were leaving on a long trip and suddenly the dash lit up like a Christmas tree. There were lots of alarm dinging sounds, and one message after another scrolling by: Trailer Stability Problem (TSA); Power Steering Problem (EPS); Vehicle...