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  1. Water getting into the locking compartment/mechanism.

    Just bought my Ridgline about 6 weeks ago and had the RetraxPro and a Bed Rug installed. Having problems with rain and snow melt getting down into the locking compartment and freezing up the lock. Basically completely filling the area. Can't use the cover at all until I can get it thawed out...
  2. Water in trunk

    1G Problems & Issues
    I opened my trunk the other day after we had some hard rain and found it had 6-8 inches of water in it. After investigating I found the trunk lid was a little loose. I loosened the catch for the latch and lowered it, then re-tightened the bolts. We had some heavy rain today, and no water in the...
  3. Water trapped inside door?

    1G Problems & Issues
    It sounds like water is trapped inside the rear door (or something like that). I can hear it slosh around at slow speeds. Also after parking my Ridgeline for awhile, I have a wet spot centered about the middle of the front/back doors. I searched here but did not see anything related to this...
  4. Water in trunk. Need some advice.

    1G Exterior
    So I park my truck under a lot of trees that drop all kinds of fun tree things. Unfortunately when it rains the needles and seeds get lodged into the holes and then it causes the rain to fill up the lockable bed. I just got the truck in July and this has happened a few times already. I am...