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  1. Trading Post
    For sale for $450 (or best offer) Selling the original grey OEM wheels from my black 2022 Honda Ridgeline RTL-E. Only about 500 miles on them because I got the black alloy wheels installed after buying. No tires included. Located in Raleigh, NC. Will ship if you cover UPS shipping costs.
    $450 USD
  2. Trading Post
    I would like a full size spare to have while towing. I have a 2022 RTL, but I'm not picky on wheel style/look as long at it's the same size/dimension as the stock wheels that's what I want. I'm on a small budget so I probably can't afford shipping for a wheel, so preferably within an hour or so...
    $100 USD
  3. Trading Post
    I have one brand new, never unwrapped, never mounted grey RTL-E wheel for sale. I also have a new, never mounted black wheel with Atturo trail blade tire mounted on it. This was my full size spare but was never needed. I no longer have the Ridgeline. Asking $125 for the grey wheel and $125...
  4. Trading Post
    I'd like to get some steel rims for winter use. Used is fine as long as no damage and hold air. 2021 Ridgeline Black Edition. Current wheel size is 245/60/18 TIA
  5. 2G Tires, Wheels & Suspension
    i'm probably an idiot but i can't seem to find a basic 18x8 steel wheel to use for a full size spare. any ideas/links?
  6. 2G Tires, Wheels & Suspension
    Those of you that have 265/50/20 or 265/60/18 tires...what impacts have you observed to ABS, Honda sensing, AWD, powertrain, etc? What am I sacrificing by increasing the tire diameter to improve the truck’s stance/appearance?
  7. Trading Post
    Selling 4 wheel in excellent condition. No TPMS, just wheels. Asking 400obo. I have installed the 2006 17inch wheel with all train tires. Tej
  8. First Generation Ridgeline (1G 2006-2014)
    Selling 4 wheel in excellent condition. No TPMS, just wheels. Asking 400obo. I have installed the 2006 17inch wheel with all train tires. Tej
  9. Miscellaneous/General Honda Ridgeline Discussions
    So, I need some feedback. I have an 06 Ridgeline I recently purchased. It has 59,000 miles. I bought it with 54,000 miles and shortly after it began making what I would describe as a squeaky grinding noise when I brake. The sound seems to be coming from the rear driver side wheel. I originally...
  10. Trading Post
    Have listed locally on Craigslist and prefer local pickup. Willing to work with shipping but you'll have to arrange. Wheels were off a 2008 or 9 Ridgeline and I bought for my 06 RT. Everything is included, TPMS, lugs, center plugs; easy swap if upgrading from steel rims. Tires were JUST...
  11. 1G Mods, Installs and How-To's
    Hello, I have a tough time getting comfortable in my 08 Ridgeline as the steering wheel is to away, and when I move up close enough my knees and feet are to close to the pedals. Is there any options to have a spacer added to the steering to make the wheel closer to the driver? Thanks...
  12. Trading Post
    I have a set of locking lug nuts from my 2008 rtx with the key and ID card. Not sure if they fit anything but a 2008 rtx. $25 + shipping or pick-up at 06374
  13. Trading Post
    Sold my motorcycle. Now selling my wheel guide (which has only been used once and is in perfect condition). Will also include the predrilled headboard to which it attaches (I purchased a new one for my truck, so my bed would not have holes). This is a good opportunity to keep your un-drilled...
  14. 1G Problems & Issues
    Washing the RL this weekend I noticed that the center hubs on my front wheels are starting to discolor. They have a white shadowing on the chrome look finish. Has anyone else seen this?
  15. Trading Post
    I sold my 06' Ridgeline last year and still have what was my full size spare. It is the factory alloy wheel and the same Michelin tire that comes standard on the RTL. It also has the Tire Pressure Monitor installed so it can be used without showing a low tire on the dash. This tire and wheel...
  16. Trading Post
    FS: Set of 2009 Honda Pilot Touring Rims (Fits Ridgelines). No Tires or TPMS. $400+Shipping. Contact me with any questions. Payment via Paypal. Shipping via FedEx Ground to Confirmed Paypal Address Only. Example of Rigdgeline with Pilot Rims...
1-18 of 18 Results