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06 Manual AC LCD light out and RH overhead out

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An interesting issue. My 06 RT AC LCD backlight is out. Everything works fine but the 4 bulbs that backlight it are out. I just replaced them so they should be good. Simultaneously the interior overhead front right side light is out. Are these connected in some way? I will exchange bulbs tomorrow with the left side and see if it is the bulb. Anyway the backlight seemed to be intermittent last week and now its out. As with LCD, I can see it in the daytime but not night. Help.

Could this be a battery issue? I have seen reference to that sort of thing.
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Figured out the AC LCD problem. Purchased used AC control. Problem solved. Must be bad board solders somewhere. Good evening project.
Congrats on the solution
On your 2nd issue with the dome light, passenger side.

Read this post.
Thanks. I will check that out. In the meantime, I bought a LED upgrade kit for my interior lights. Killing 2 birds with one stone maybe. Will check it out.
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