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Hello Owners:
I have been reading about what things could have caused my NAVI to go blank:(are any possibly true)
1) I jump started a vehicle
2) my battery went dead
3) had an after market remote start installed
All of these occurred around the same time and I am not sure exactly when the first time was that my NAVI didn't have power.
I have cleaned the disc, reset the radio by disconnecting the battery. Upon powering up after disconnection, it asks for the radio code. THAT code makes sense-all the digits are one thru six and can be input by the radio buttons. My NAVI code has a zero in it...does a separate screen come up on my NAVI display? There is no ZERO on the radio presets for me to use to input the four digit NAVI code.
When the system is reset and codes are needed, which is first? Does it normally ask for the radio or NAVI first?
Thank you, it's a 2006 model, it doesn't have back up camera or the compass. It does have a 6 disc changer.
Any advice for narrowing down the issue or fixing this problem; DIY repair; will be greatly appreciated, as I cant afford a new unit from Alpine.
My Best,
**LOVE my Ridgeline btw, the color is the BEST: Amazon Green!:)
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