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Hello members,

2006 RTL Navi owner.

A few years ago, my clock disappeared/no clock display and CD changer not working,

Clock, I wear a watch, CD changer, I use streaming so I left them with problems with no problem.

However recently, My navigation screen folded and never went back to the normal position and it bothered me

and I bought used ones and replaced the units, both the Navigation screen, CD changer, and Audio all 3 things.

because I wanted to fix the NAVI screen And CD changer And clock Altogether.

But after I installed them well, I figured something was very weird,

All malfunction was there like exactly the same as before,

The navigation screen is working, it is moving well, however CD changer is not working, Clock is not working, no display, the same thing

The interesting thing is, all the map marks are the same as before,

So I guess there was a problem with the navigation DVD reader? under the driver's seat.

Has anybody had a similar problem before?






And I live in the Los Angeles area, do you know any OEM audio specialist near me?

Thank you very much in advance!


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