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'07 just hit 100,000 miles

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So my RL just hit 100,000 when I parked it for the recall. Now I know I should do some major maintenance but I am far from an accomplished mechanic so I will have to have it done at a shop.

Here's my question, Is this something I should have done at the dealership or have a trusted mechanic do the work (TB, Radiator, Suspension, whatever else you suggest)? I hate to go to the dealer if I don't have to.

What opinions do you guys have? Thanks!
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Any reputable shop can work on a RL. There's nothing strange or one off about the eninge that must be done at a dealership. Just make sure they're familiar with Honda's V-6.
Any trusted import shop can do the work. If it was me I'd do the Radiator and let a professional do the timing belt your at 10 yrs and 100k your due for the timing belt. My only suggestion is research where you plan on taking it and get some price quotes.

On my timing belt the dealer beat the local shop by better than $100. I've made the same calls on valve adjustment and the local shop bests the local dealer by $160.

And if you have a reason to head to Baltimore, TIMING BELT AND WATER PUMP at Anderson Honda in Cockeysville MD - 14479860 here's an other option.
Wow, wish I lived closer to Baltimore! Thanks for the advice guys.
Well, Khayes, your a lot closer than Brian & I. ;)
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