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Stopped by the local dealer today and they happened to have a new Black Edition on the lot. Took it for a quick spin and here are my thoughts.

1.) Nice Truck
2.) Back Seat is exactly the same width as my 07, rear leg room might be a little less than my 07.
3.) Rear vents need to put out more air and there should be vents for the rear pax in the ceiling.
4.) Center console seems a little on the small side.
5.) Center display is fine. The screen could use more resolution.
6.) Back up camera definitely needs more resolution.
7.) The Truck seems smaller than my 07. I know it's a little wider and longer, but it doesn't feel that way when I sit in it.
8.) Arm rests are GREAT! (yes I mean that) (Real Trucks, Tractors and Airplanes all have them too!)
9.) Seems to be a lot of wasted space between the front seats and the windshield. I don't know if this a byproduct of modern crash standards or just a design quirk, I felt the same way in our 14 Explorer.
10.) Fit and Finish is nice, probably class leading, but not spectacular. Not up to near Luxury standards as I had hoped.

I have had my 07 since new and love the truck. But with three car seats it's becoming a little small. I'll probably shop for a bigger cabin when I finally buy a new truck. Who knows, I may end up keeping the 07 as the beater......I'd like to see it roll over 300K :)

2007 Black RTS with Truxx Lift and 255/65/17 Wrangler A/T tires. 165K miles


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This is a great side by side comparison!
It shows just how close in dimensions the G1 and G2 really are.
The roof seems to be the same height, or very very close and the G2 is maybe 2" longer.
At the same time the doors look to be sitting higher and the bed is higher along with the nose.
I don't mind the changes in shape of the G2. The sloped front is for mpg's and I am all about that!

I also saw a BE at the dealer yesterday and loved it. It was a brief look and pic before an appointment but I might have drooled on the windows a little...:act024:
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