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I'm at 37,000 miles in 20 months since a new vehicle purchase. This will be my 4th oil change. I decided that I would use Honda dealers and get them to stamp my service book, etc. Having all of the service show up on Carfax, Autocheck, etc. I think will be a good thing in case I ever sell or trade. I stopped at a Fast Lube yesterday and they wanted $104 for a synthetic oil and filter change. I got a song and dance story about how expensive 0W20 synthetic is. What a joke! I have had many bad experiences at such joints over the course of lots of vehicles and many years.
You can buy a BARREL of base stock crude oil for $45 right now. If you go into any Walmart, you can walk out with a 5qt. jug of 0w-20 synthetic for anywhere from $21 to $30. Mobil 1 and Pennzoil are right at $25-26 each. A decent filter is $4-5, so you're at $30 in parts/fluid. Keep in mind that these oil change places get fluids and filter at discounted rates, so they're paying less than $30 for all of that. With the equipment they have, one "mechanic" can change the oil and filter in about 15 minutes (conservatively). So, you're being charged $74 extra dollars for labor. Unless that guy is making $300 per hour, I think you're getting ripped off.

This is one of the MANY reasons I change my own fluids. It's outrageously easy on these trucks and only requires simply hand tools. It takes me more time to get set up, clean up and drink a beer than it does to do the actual change.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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