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$1200 off MSRP

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I just signed for $1200 off MSRP. I'll send you the dealer on the east coast if you private message me. Take your time...I went back a lot of times
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Awesome deal...I believe between invoice and MSRP, most dealers are making around $3k. So, $1200 off is a very good deal.
yeah, it took a lot of work...a lot of calls and dealin!!
Pray tell, what did you tell them? Maybe you badgered them to death? That's an awesome deal!
One dealer in SF Bay Area is advertising $1000 off MSRP. Only one at this price.

They also are avertising Odyssey at $2000 off MSRP. Only 2 at this price. I thought Odys are in hot demand, especailly touring with Navi.

When 05 Tacoma first came out in September, I was offered $300 over "Invoice" price the first week. I almost bought it except it was too choppy and I got a headache after the test drive. But after one month of intro, Tacoma became really popular and now there is a waiting list.

So I think buyers may have a window if Ridgeline becomes popular. Anyone who can get $1200 off MSRP off now is getting a GOOOOD deal.

This is a good time in East Coast to buy because not many people shop in snow and ice. Dealer needs the business is willing to deal.
The dealer here is not moving off msrp. He has indicated he will meet or beat anyone's price on accessories. They have been very good to us so far, 2 accords, and my wife can go in for service without worrying about being taken advantage . They are not going to get many of these, guaranteed the '07 will be more so I am going to bite the bullet. BTW, Mine is supposed to be here next week...Can't hardly wait!
The same cars they had on the lot have been there for 3 weeks...I did see them delivering a Blue one today. I stopped by a lot....and I used competing offers...and I think they were greatful to get rid of me!

hang tough...they still are making a lot of money on them

-I talked about how the same trucks were still on the lot
-My wife told them it was ugly
-I told them I would by a Tacoma or Frontier because it would be a better value if I could get that for $500 over invoice
-I stated their mark up...many times
-i said gas was going up and they would be tripping over them soon
-I told them I was buying it with my head and not my heart
-I told them it was a second car and I really didn't need to have it
-I asked them why they couldn't do better with their most expensive vehicle
- I said some profit was better than no profit on the way out one time

don't be a fool just because it is new and you really want it...what happens if they flop? will you fell if you see great deals after you pay MSRP?

I think I got an OK deal...I've gotten much better deals percentage wise on many of my other cars.
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Unless there is 3 other people waiting to test drive your truck. My salesperson had to put a SOLD sign on the truck and finalize the deal to keep the other sales people from selling it. But that was the first week of intro. 3/4. I did not get a discount, but the salesperson told me that he would give me a special detail on the exterior which is worth $300.

The car was in mint condition but I do not know if it is worth $300. No regrets.
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