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12V Battery Management System

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Reading through the service manual the new ridgeline has a battery management system. Figured you guys might find this interesting:

Basic Control/Function
The 12 volt battery sensor measures 12 volt battery voltage, sensor temperature, and charge/discharge currents. According to these readings, 12 volt battery fluid temperature, internal resistance, and state of charge are sent as signals from the 12 volt battery sensor to the gauge control module.

After the vehicle is turned to the OFF (LOCK) mode, the 12 volt battery sensor observes the charge state of the 12 volt battery. When a designated threshold is reached, a signal is sent through the LIN circuit interface and a message is displayed on the gauge control module. As a result, the 12 volt battery sensor can alert the driver of an over a discharge in the ACCESSORY mode or automatically turn off interior lights through the MICU.
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Yes, old news. GM is doing it too as well.

They are trying to get every once of gas savings possible. Hence all the gimmicks.

Nothing gimmicky or gas savings about it. Probably will save your butt one day when you forget something on as the gimmick will turn it off automatically. By proper management, the battery will last longer than one without management as the charging becomes more precise and less damaging which holds especially true for those in hot climates year round.
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