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Anyone else out there have this problem?

I live in southern Ontario Canada and my 2006 Ridgeline is a daily driver. At the (Title) stated mileage, I lost power on a major highway. Turns out, the transmission cooler is inside the radiator. The cooler split and the coolant and transmission fluid mixed and went through the motor. THAT mixture also went into the transmission. My TRUSTED Honda dealership was too far away to have it towed there, so I used my trusted local mechanic. After $1275, and a $140 tow, I could drive my truck again.
That being said, my advice is, when your truck reaches close to that mileage, spend the $300 on a new rad and transmission cooler before the damage gets REALLY costly. My truck is still not shifting right and I may have to get one more transmission fluid change, or take it to my dealer. Hopefully, I won't need a new transmission.
Any comments or questions are welcome.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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