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I’ve owned an eclectic bunch of cars and trucks in my life (MG, Alfa, GM, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, etc). I’m actively into my 2017 Ridgeline RTL-E, and on other ROC threads I’ve reminisced about my (past) 1995 Mazda Miata and 1969 Dodge Dart GT.

However, we currently also own this 1985 Alfa Romeo Spider (2.0, US model) since 2014. It has just 55K original miles (we're its fourth owner). Our wonderful retired neighbor owned it before he unexpectedly passed away 6 years ago, and his wife wanted us to buy it (which we did). You can still see his tan leather driving gloves where he last left them in the interior photo (we've kept them there, as a memorial to him). It's got a clean CarFax (no accidents or other problems), is rust free / clean / un-restored (other than a re-spray in 2001), and also a great runner
A couple of things jump out at me, in comparing this Alfa to my 1995 Mazda Miata, 2011 Accord Coupe, and a 1968 MG MGB that I used to own. First – for a 35 year old car: the Alfa is surprisingly sturdy and runs well. Of course it’s not my old super tight/precise/modern Miata, but it’s also not my rickety old death trap MGB either. Secondly, its 2.0 L twin cam engine pulls strong, and its rack and pinion steering and independent suspension are precise. Third – it has no rust (it’s always been garaged). Fourth – you get a lot for your money with mid 1980’s Alfa Romeo Spiders – good runners like mine fetch maybe $4K- $6K, and pristine (show quality paint, leather, allow wheels, etc) examples fetch only $10K max. So if you want an inexpensive (but relatively reliable) into vintage convertibles, it’s a good value. And fifth – when you drive it – it has that wonderful old sports car smell of hot oil (it’s not overheating – just it’s that open) and clattering chain driven twin cams.

I'm finally getting around to fixing its only 3 things needing it: the combination switch (low beams contacts don't work - fixing that, and adding the light relay upgrade as well), the speedo (25 MPH offset), and leaky rear differential gasket. I'm well versed in tools and own its shop manual – but am also relying on the Alfa BB forum to help me get thru fixing 35 year old Alfa Machinery.

We’re downsizing and moving this summer, so we may no longer have a 3 car garage. If so, we’ll be selling the Alfa. But for now – it’s summer! If you’ve owned any vintage Italian sports cars – post up!

Body is in good shape - no rust

Steel wheels (high trim model had aluminum), tail spoiler

Real wood steering wheel, vinyl upholstery (high trim model had leather)

2.0L engine, twin chain driven cams, Bosch fuel injection. Engine needs detailing, but it runs well as-is
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