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2 inch lift?

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I have 2008 ridgeline...anyone have any experience or input on 2 inch lift kit ? My mechanic suggested not to because he heard it could cause vibrations and stress on axles causing them to break.Anyone with a traxda lift kit out there with advice would be greatly appreciated!!!THANKS!!
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You're probably going to hear pros and cons from both sides. If you trust your mechanic, listen to him.
I have never heard of a Ridgeline breaking any axle with or without a lift. At most you might hear of premature CV joint wear with a lift but I have yet seen any proof it is cause by the lift itself, mostly user/mechanic error during installation an tearing a boot without noticing and it causing a grease leak.

I have a lift on my 2008 with 40k miles on the lift and no drive line issues.
I have had my lift on for 2 years now with no problems. I did tear one of the boots when installing and that caused me problems but it was my fault. I am waiting for my old tires to ware out so that I can get bigger tires.
thanks for your input...can i ask what it cost u for the install,and how long it took? WHat lift kit was it?
Also here with a lift kit. Only issue I have had is torn boots. I have replaced all the boots on the front axles. Never have needed an axle. 170k on odo. About 60ish on lift.
I have ~30K on my Truxxx lift and recently had to replace the sway bar links that came with the kit because they were both worn out. Supposedly Truxxx is putting "beefier" links in the kit now but who knows. They sold me the replacements at their cost plus they say. But I haven't had any drivetrain issues. Between the lift and oversized tires, it cut my gas mileage by 2-4mpg instantaneously.
I've had mine on for 7 Months now and everything is going good. Just had it serviced at HONDA and the tech commented on how well the kit was and that nothing was wearing out of the normal so far on the truck.
Over 107,000 miles on my lifted RL. Replaced a torn boot 15,000 miles ago and am replacing all inner and outer tie rods now cause one outer left is getting worn with a bit of play cause the rubber boot over the years dried and cracked. Im replacing all cause of the miles and when replacing just one means an alignment job at around $100 bucks a pop. Shell be nice and tight again.:grin:
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