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Hey Guys/Gals, this is my first post here so i hope i am not screwing it up :)

Have followed this site for years and have got some pretty awesome info here, so thank you! I have some information that I thought may be useful to some out there. Long story short I bent my drive shaft last year and had to remove it. This year i finally got around to replacing it and found a nice used one. The only problem was that during shipping they over-extended the center joint and damaged the bearing. After close examination i determined that it was serviceable and I was up to the challenge. First off, for those that dont know, the center joint is pretty much a standard cv joint design. The rubber boot is enclosed in a metal 'cup' that can be simply cut off cutting length wise using a cutting wheel. I found a perfect fit replacement boot here..

RCV Performance Products
Part #: 214-3/P2 Boot-Inboard

A couple things to note here before taking your drive shaft apart for those that don't know. 1) Make sure you mark both parts of the drive shaft before taking it apart, and make sure you are marking the drive shaft itself and not the 'cup' you are about to cut off. The drive shaft is balanced as an assembly and must be put back together exactly like it came apart to prevent vibrations. 2) You will have to remove bearing 'spider' to be able to slide the new boot on. This spider also has to go back on exactly as removed! If you get this one tooth off on its spline the 2 drive shaft halves will not line back up. Your best option is to clean it well and mark it with touch-up paint.

All that being said, i used the undamaged bearings out of my old drive shaft and now have all wheel drive again with zero vibrations!

I did not have to service the center carrier bearing but now believe that i could if needed since i can get the drive shaft apart.

So thats it! Thank you to all that contribute to the site. I love it!


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And How about some Pics...

Good First Post though, but as others have said "Without Pics it didn't happen"
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