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FTM1 did good job with the cons for 2wd.

For the Pros:
Lighter weight means better fuel mileage, better acceleration (assuming good traction) If you keep you truck for 150k and get 1mpg better thats around $850 less gasoline cost.
Thats with gas at 2.50 a gallon. 2mpg better? Double those savings.

Lower initial cost. Sure resale will be lower but if you find the right buyer (shouldn't be too hard in your southern area) you shouldn't loose that much more than the initial lower cost.

Less cost for routine maintenance and less chance for an expensive repair. The rear diff and the transfer case need routine fluid changes. If you keep your truck for 150k miles figure on doing this service about 5 times. DIY is cheap but if you have the dealer do its thats probably $1000-1500 additional cost of ownership. Honda's awd system seems to be pretty reliable but the parts are not cheap should they need replacement: transfer case, propeller shaft, rear diff, axles, sensors and control unit etc.

Its too bad Honda didn't actually make use of the space that the absence of the AWD system creates. The trunk could be MUCH larger / some sort of underfloor storage / seat stowaway in the rear of the cabin.
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