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After reading all you guys say that the caliper slides should be greased yearly, I took the wheels off the other day to do so. My truck has only been driven for two years, so I thought it wouldn't be that big a deal.

When I took off the fronts, the pads came off pretty easily, as I've come to expect with untroubled cars. For all four wheels, each pin had maybe a tip-of-the-pinkie-sized dab of grease on it when I removed it. I added some to each one. BUT, when I got to the rear pads, I could not remove the inboard pad on the passenger side just with my hands. It was so rusted or frozen in there that I had to hammer it out with a screwdriver tip placed on the backing-plate edge. The inboard one was kind of hard to get out too. So I filed off all the rust and kept going until they would go in and out of the caliper pretty easily. The driver-side pads were just barely to the point of having to be hammered out too. I put anti-seize on all the tabs, so things should be okay for a while.

Anyway, just thought I'd convey my part of this story.
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