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It cannot be and here is why. Better pic @ 0.21.

  • If you look at the front wheel, the brake caliper is in the trailing position (closer to the driver door). Both Gen 1 & 2 have leading (towards the front bumper) position.
  • The front wheel seems to have a 6 lug bolt pattern, just by looking at the spacing.
  • The rear tail light is too squared off
  • You can see that this is a body on frame, as the body is lifted from the frame with the ladder frame dragging on the ground.
  • looking at the exposed bed, there is no remnants of the composite bed panels.
I think, this is a Nissan Frontier.

EDIT 1: I was able to find more pictures of the carnage and below is the truck. Condolences to the families of those who perished.

EDIT 2: I am removing those images as I believe the individuals who perished in the pile up, may have been in that vehicle.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts