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2007 36k miles Do I need to replace the Timing Belt

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This was my dad's RTL, that's why the milage is so low actually it was at 31k when he passed. My question is should I have the Timing Belt replaced. The dealer says YES.
They are charging $1,060 OTD for new belt, tension idler, water pump, and unrelated front end alignment.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Sorry to hear about your father. And Yes. DEFFINATELY! At minimum the timing belt and water pump. Everything else is fine. Time doesn't really ruin all the other stuff mileage does. They will probably give you the speal "might as well do it when we are in there" But the other stuff is probably $300 in parts. Unless you can afford it..then by all means get it all done.



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It comes down to what level of risk are you comfortable with. The Ridgeline has an interference engine so if the belt breaks, you run the very real risk of damage to internal engine components.
I have a 2008 with about 68000 miles. I plan on having the timing belt changed later on this year. However I also tow a travel trailer so my engine does see a heavier workload than just a commuter.

If having it changed is not a financial burden for you, I would go ahead and have it changed. You can always shop around on price, some dealers are very cheap, others are very expensive.

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Nice looking Ridgeline. That would be a good time to check the radiator fittings also. Sorry for your loss.
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You inherited a great vehicle. It will provide you with many more years of enjoyment and memories.
That's an excellent question. Your low mileage RL is an outlier on the bell curve.

If you plan to drive it regularly, I would probably drive it to 60k miles and consider changing it then. I assume it has been driven in normal service conditions (no towing, etc.).

Do you know if all the other maintenance events are up-to-date? (fluids and filters)?

If you don't know, here is a ballpark maintenance schedule (the RL uses the Maintenance Minder for maintenance prompts)

Basics for normal service conditions:
Oil and filter at the MM prompts (could be 3000-12,000 miles)
Rear diff (VTM-4 fluid) at 15,000 miles then every 30k miles
Transmission fluid (and transfer assembly) at 45k miles, then every 30k miles.
Air and cabin filters at 30k miles... or earlier, as needed.
Brake fluid changed every 3 years in service.
Spark plugs, timing belt, hydraulic tensioner at 105,000 miles.

Many of us modify that schedule to satisfy our own OCD issues. ;)

Sorry to hear about the passing of your father.
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my 07 only has 42k, and i've changed the TB and radiator. i don't know what your budget is, but the cost of a new engine due to tb failure, or trans replacement due to radiator failure is not something i want to deal with. for me it's peace of mind.
Sorry for your loss.

1k for all that does not sound bad. How hard is it to do yourself if you don't want to pay for it? We did the timing belt ourselves on our old CRV... well did all it's maintenance actually, as it was easy to work on. Now my coupe though, is a pain to work on, so paid 2k for a timing belt/water pump/plugs... well worth the peace of mind despite the $$.

I say get it done if you can.
I have a 4 drawer file cabinet, where on the 3rd drawer down, I keep a file on my RTL. I know my kids know that I am a diligent "file keeper". When I go (and I'm not in my Ridge) they would know where to finds Dad's records.
I changed mine at 7 years and 2 months with 53K. The parts they took out looked great. I will not change mine out again until 10 years(will not hit mileage).

Feetdry, when my grand daughter was 6, I promised her my ridgeline when she turned 15. She is now 11.5 and has not forgotten. My wife says I have to give it up when the time comes. I had no idea a 6 year old would remember that promise. There may be a fight in 3.5 years.
Feetdry, when my grand daughter was 6, I promised her my ridgeline when she turned 15. She is now 11.5 and has not forgotten. My wife says I have to give it up when the time comes. I had no idea a 6 year old would remember that promise. There may be a fight in 3.5 years.
There will come a time when her memory won't be that great. >:)
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I've taken care of all the fluids myself, and new tires. My dad was a small town driver to and from grocery store type driving. I do plan on driving till I drop, so want to take care of any potential issues. I also don't want to spend money on a whim. One of the Honda service advisors I know said he'd probably wait, but it's a matter of peace of mind. Im probably going to need break pads by the end of this summer.

BTW, thanks for the condolences from those that offered them.

So waiting until 60k miles and the amount of years on the vehicle would be fine in your opinion. I will probable average between 8 and 10 thousand miles per year.....just asking?
I just thought about the driver and passenger air bags. If you have not gotten those done ask the dealer. You should be ok going another 2 years for the timing belt package.

Sorry for the loss of your father.
I think part of the confusion about when to change the TB comes from the era when Honda published maintenance schedules. At that time there was a time and miles spec given for the change. When Honda switched to the MM system, they did away with the time factor for the TB and left it as a mileage factor.

Personally, I'm comfy with 120k mile change intervals. I honestly think that's conservative. Regardless, that's the time to change that I've adopted. I also do the water pump, hydraulic tensioner, cam seals if needed, change the serpentine belt and tensioner/idler pulleys, change out the radiator and use fresh coolant, do a valve adjustment and the spark plugs.

In between, I like fresh fluids and change the tranny fluid every other oil change. I use the 30k mile interval for the transfer assembly and rear diff. 3 years-ish on the brake fluid. 50k-ish miles on the power steering fluid. Coolant change at 60k miles, halfway to the radiator change. Oil and filter at or about 0% on the MM.

I probably forgot something, but that works for me. If you're a diy-er, you can save significant cash.
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Before I bought my '12, I found an '06 that had 95000km or so on it, and I checked with a local Honda dealer about the timing belt as I wanted to include the cost of changing that in negotiations if I went that far.

Although it was low mileage, they said they recommend doing it at the 7 year mark for peace of mind, so take from that what you will...
It seams as if some are recommending and some not recommending to go ahead and change out the TB now. And most are recommending because the dealership is recommending. So confusing......

Im inclined to wait, however I do want to be able to trust that the truck will get me to my destination and back home without a breakdown. To me a $1,000 is a lot of money (I'm retired) as I stated before to spend on a whim.

Things I've already done around 33k mile and 10 years:

1. Change transmission fluid (not a flush).
2. Change rear differential fluid.
3. Change transfer case fluid.
4. Change power steering fluid.
5. Change break fluid.
6. Replaced engine air filter and cabin air filter (non Honda brand).
7. Oil change twice now.
8. Replaced all 4 tires (Michelin Defender LTX M/S)
9. Replaced windshield wiper blades.
10.Dealer replaced Driver/Passenger Airbag Inflators (Honda recall).

So as you can see I've already spent a few bucks.

Thank you all so much for your recommendations...
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Well I'm not recommending because of the Dealership. I'm recommending because it's an "Interference Engine" and the Cost for a Timing Belt although High, is probably 20-25% what a new Reman Engine with Installation would cost. Did you look at this post by S.T.U.V?

I do agree that the price is high, and I'd feel comfortable driving it until I found a dealership with a reasonable price. Using Anderson Honda, Baltimore, MD as an example the price is obviously on the high side. Shop around, DFW is a large area and One of the Honda Dealers has to have a good price

I did my timing Belt @ 10yrs and 75k miles, and paid about $900 with Cam & Crank Seals, Timing & Serpentine Belt, Tensioner and Water Pump. I had already changed my Radiator and I did provide 1.5 Gal of Coolant, which I was credited back.


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Sounds like you're in pretty good shape on the routine services.

There is no absolute answer on your TB service question. I'm well known here for concentrating on preventative maintenance rather than reactive maintenance. And yet with what little I know of your 07, I'd still be comfy driving it to at least the 60k mile point before doing that service. Others feel differently and I respect that.

It would be nice if someone knowledgeable in the industry could address the time in service aspect of timing belts vs mileage as regards optimum time for replacement.

This has been a question for as long as I can remember here at the ROC and I haven't seen it addressed authoritatively yet.

You will have to define your own comfort zone and level of risk you're willing to take. If zero risk, then you better buy new and trade before your 3/36 runs out... or take a gently used and well maintained vehicle and continue to drive and maintain it properly and expect a long and relatively trouble free life. But nothing is guaranteed, of course. And you get what you pay for, as usual.

You pays your money and you takes your chances.

Edit: I agree the price for the TB service is high, assuming that's all it includes. $650 for just the tb/water pump is more reasonable, imo.
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I went and pulled the invoice for my G1 which I had done last fall. It only had 63,000 km (36,000 mile), but it was six years old and we do have extreme winters. They replaced the tensioner as a warranty item, but I had to pay for the timing belt (wear item) and the water pump, since it wasn't leaking. If they could find any sign of leak warranty would have covered that, but they couldn't.

Labor was 4.70 hours, 625.50. The timing belt and water pump was 113.93. plus taxes and this is Canadian dollars, so you'd have to take it from there. The main thing to look at is the labor. Make sure they aren't double dipping by charging labor on the timing belt and again on the water pump, as the water pump has to come off to do the TB anyway.

I know its hard to justify an expenditure like this, but you probably spend this same kind of $ on insurance each year, "just in case". The timing belt really is "just in case" insurance against a 4 or 5K engine job.

Other can probably answer, is there not an inspection hole to look at the condition of the belt? I know older Fords had them. If you can see any cracking, fray or contamination, the answer has been made for you.
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A friend and I just did timing belt on a 2009 mdx with 157,000 miles on it -old belt looked perfect, water pump and idler pulleys seemed fine also, tensioner had slightest bit of weepage but was still tensioning fine -from what I have read on these engines (mdx,pilot,odyssey&ridgeline) the tensioner might be the first part to go. At any rate I think you could safely wait quite a while. I searched for any post about timing belt breakage on j35 engine and only ones I found were where someone had changed it and then had a failure shortly thereafter -implying install mistake.
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