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2007 Ridgeline no power

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No power at all in truck, battery is fine but no power at all. Parked truck Saturday no issues at all and Monday no power at all
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More info please. Turn ignition and nothing? No lights, dead dash?
How do you know that the battery is fine?
Yes that is correct turn ignition no no lights at all it is as if there is no battery in the truck
Check your owner's manual for the list and diagram of the main fuses under the hood. You can check each fuse with a $5 test light available from any auto parts store. If you find and replace a blown fuse and it immediately blows again. Time to look for a short. Due to a power spike, it's common for a main fuse to blow when you replace a battery. But there are many reasons for it to happen otherwise. Let us know what you find.
i had something like this happen on my 07 RT. try moving the gear shift a bit. that seemed to work for me. i assumed there was some sort of electronic switch in the shifter that kills power unless it is in park.
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