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2007 Ridgeline serpentine belt slips

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Bought my son a 2007 Ridgeline . During a rain the a/c stopped working, battery light came on and lost power steering . From the looks at other threads it appears the belts does this when they get wet . I've driven Ford trucks for the last 30 years and NEVER experienced this . Any solution to fix this ? I can live with the a/c and battery light coming on but loss of power steering is a HUGE safety issue for a new driver ! I did take it to the Honda dealer and they said the tensioner and belts were fine. :surprise: Any advise is greatly welcomed
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I've only had that issue going through big puddles. Never just plain rain. I would try a new belt cause the old belt could be glazed a little bit which would promote slippage when wet. If that does not fix it..You could do the tensioner..but i doubt it will help.
Don't know have not had that problem with 2007 Ridgeline purchased new 2/07 with 40miles. Now nine and a half years with 160,000 miles on it running pretty good. Timing Belt Service was done with water pump replaced as to owners manual at recommended time. Replaced belt pulley at this time also.
Spark Plugs also replaced at around recommended service time all work done at Honda Dealership. Never had any issue of belt slipping. I have owned Honda Automobiles for the last 36years have not had any problem with belts slipping. Other than the VTM-4 and gear fluid Ridgeline maintenance is just like Honda/Acura cars with many engines running as smooth as sewing machines.
I had the same problem for a little while, and then the pulley broke on my 07. The pulley broke due to the rubber isolater failing. Here is a link to my thread on the problem
It cost me about $250 to fix, but I have not had the slipping problem since.
I've never had an issue of this with my 07, but, with the age of the truck, it's about time to replace some of those sorts of parts anyways. You can get a full Gates kit that includes the auto tensioner, both pulleys (already attached) and a new belt for around $75 shipped to your door from These parts are made in Canada and are thought to be leftover OEM Honda parts. It's very easy to do on your own. I have a squeaking idler pulley and, instead of just replacing the pulley, decided to do the entire kit. Will be installing next weekend. I hope this solves your issue.
I had the problem on a Cadillac Eldorado I owned many years ago. Hit a big puddle on the side of the road and the steering got stiff for a few seconds. I've never had it happen on the Ridge.
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