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2007 Viper Alarm for RL, bypass "needed"?

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I want to get a remote start on my RL. Always used Viper and i have a local dealer that can do the job. However after shopping around 2 of the shops I stopped at said I need a bypass, other shops didn't mention it even when I asked if I needed any "other" items to make it work with my truck. Any of you had any experience or feedback? Just a little confusing on whats needed and to make sure I'm going to a shop thats going to do the job right. The shop I used to use closed down as the owners retired.
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Try having a look here Input the year, make, model and it will give you a selection of interface modules and bypasses available.
This site has wealth of information, albeit geared toward the trade, for installing remote starts in most every vehicle. Wire location and colours etc.
Directed is the parent company of most of the big name starter suppliers. I think most everything needs an interface module, which would include a ignition/security bypass. These modules require programming prior to install to as one module (DBALL2 or 4X10) covers most of the vehicles out there.

Hopefully this is of some help.
thanks for the link, I've been to the site, and I've also emailed them 2x with no reply... that was 2 weeks ago. the reason i want to get it done at a store is i can get a warranty for the install. there are many small shops that do installs all over the island, but they are not going to stay open for ever like a BestBuy will. Im going to just buy the bypass module for the tech, I was able to find one for pretty cheap. Perhaps I should drive to the other BestBuy store that said I didn't need the module and have them do the install
you need one, and if you buy one, it needs to be programmed.
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Also look at compustar. Their alarms are trick and have a good reputation but these alarms are only as good as the installer.
If the shop can't supply what you need to do what you want, move on. I had a (I believe) have to look at it again. Crime Stopper two way remote starter. Installed 4years ago. No problems at all. I went to a local shop I have been dealing with for years. No questions about what was needed only what I wanted it to do.
2010 RTL.
The problem with chain store stereo departments is the people installing , most of the time they don't have a whole lot of time in the business. Not saying that some of them aren't good, you just don't know who is going to install. I guess my point is if they don't know exactly what your car needs and have it. Go to a shop that does.

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