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2009-2014 RTL/Sport Hybrid Grille

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Up for sale is the frankengrille I made for my RTL. It's the black (I believe Nighthawk Black) Grille surround from the Sport model with the RTL center/mesh section.
I made this to go on my silver RTL but didn't like the way it looked having the chrome headlight trim next to the black grille.

$150/shipped OBO


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I don't need the black surround, but I am looking for a center grille section for my '09 that was damaged. If you have a customer for the black surround, would you be open to splitting the purchase?

Also: if face-to-face pickup is an option, where are you located?
The amount of time it takes to seperate those two is pretty intense. There are 30-40 clips that need to be individually propped open with a shim in order to seperate them without breaking any. If someone else is interested in the sport surround, I would consider, though.
I am right off the Illinois/Iowa bridge of I-80.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts