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2010 honda ridgeline-center console

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I have a 2010 Honda ridgeline RTL, and am removing the center console to replace the foam tabs. one step I could not find in my searching, is how to discount the power outlet socket located within the center console. any help would be much appreciated
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If memory serves me correctly when you remove the back section of the center console (from the backseat side) there should be a way to "unclip" the power outlet wire from the socket
The following thread has a pic of the rear of the console with the cover removed.

Pull the console back from the bottom and lift the top up. There is two hook like attachments on the top that will break if the back is not lifted up. (If you do break them it doesn't make much differance when replacing).

Pic from page 20-76 of Ridgeline Repair Service manual


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I recall that too. Use your trim tool starting at the bottom and work your way up.

Chip H.
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