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2011 Ridgeline Running Lights

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Is there a way to SHUT OFF the running lights when I'm warming my car up in the morning? I'd prefer not advertise the car is warming up if possible. My GMC Suburban allows you to shut off running lights by depressing the emergency brake well, not so with my Honda but I hope there is another trick. TIA
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My 2010 allows me to remote start with no lights. I just set E-brake lightly.

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So I just read your total post. I can't believe Honda would have changed that from the 2010. Maybe the E-brake switch is working .

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On my 2013 RTL, depressing the parking brake "1 click" prevents the drls from coming on at start up.
It's going to depend on your remote starter. With my 2011, the DRLs wouldn't come on if the parking brake was set before it was started. The remote starter would bring on the parking lights and tail lights (after flashing them two or three times). They would go out once the key took over. That's a function of the aftermarket remote starter. Not sure if it can be programmed.
Depends on who installed it . I had mine not to turn on or flash any lights. Didn't want to advertise truck was just started. I had it professionals installed.
CRIME STOPPER RS7-G4. Two-way communications signals back when truck starts. Will start truck 1/4 mile away. Through buildings, don't have to be in sight. Only problem in 6 years had to have smart remote replaced twice. Had very good relationship with stereo shop owner and was done at no charge. Still have to set E-brake lightly to keep drls from turning on.

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