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Yes. In 2009, Honda updated the RL with some minor tweaks to the engine and transmission which improved torque and power... especially for towing. Also, from 2009 and up, the RTS and RTL models both include the full factory towing package (including the wiring harness missing on lower trim lines). The 2007 will have none of that unless a PO had it installed.

2009 and up have a trip computer and also added the MAF sensor (in addition to the MAP sensor which was on the 2006-2008 models).

The difference in price alone between the RTS and RTL is probably around $3000 as you get leather, sun/moon roof, heated side mirrors and probably a few other things I've forgotten. In my case, I do not care for the SR/MR and leather is a MEH to me... so the extra cost didn't represent value to me. If you have young kids or routinely carry pets, leather will be much easier to keep clean and you don't get the static shock from leather.

I personally prefer a 2009 and up due to the engine/tranny changes... and the trip computer. But I am somewhat of a gadget freak too. ;)

All that being said, if the 2007 has been better maintained and operated than the 2011, that could be a factor as well. But that can often be difficult to discern.
I prefer the 2009+ purely on looks alone, apart from the performance upgrades. I like the rectangular fogs, drl's, the updated grill and wheels. Worth the money in my opinion.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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