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Hello everyone,

I'm new here but been lurking for 4 years.
I'm in Central FL and own a 2012 RT with 37,500 miles on it

Been loosely considering the 17 but my experience with local dealer is ..:act060::act060:

My truck is very clean, bought it at this same dealership (and a CRV) with 1,600 miles on it, airbag was just replaced (yeah!)
got a small lift (Truxx) and 18" HD wheels, Clazzio leather seats covers.

I am not dreaming thinking that I'm seating on gold but the best trade-in or even straight purchase offer I got is $19,500.
When i see how much they ask for older/higher mileage models that are still under the airbag recall, I really think they are low-balling me big time.
I'm first to say that a vehicle is worth what one is willing to give you but if it's today's market reality, I guess the G1 will stay with me until it dies.

Any thoughts/experiences on trade values that some here would not mind sharing? (I understand this could be through PM to keep some confidentiality)
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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