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I wish to install a SONY XAV AX1000 HU into a 2103 RTL with navigation and the OEM backup camera. It seems the connections are at the DVD unit under the driver's seat. I also understand that the OEM camera is 8 volts and so will require a transformer wired in-line.

So if I understand correctly I will have to identify the four wires for the camera (Camera +, Camera -, Video + and Video -) and tap into the harness that holds them (under the driver's seat). I'll need to also identify the reverse signal wire. All these need to be run into the dashboard to connect to the HU.

To move from under the seat to the dash, could I tap into the disused harnesses for the OEM Navigation which will no longer be used?

All this because I imported this vehicle into Europe, only to discover that the navigation doesn't work outside of North America and there is no opportunity to get a nav DVD for europe. :(

Thanks for any advice.

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