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Well, not a happy owner of Honda Ridgeline... Plain and simple rather than explain and highlight
all the crap, Brakes, Transmission, Radio, Injectors, Honda Dealers...I have 3 separate inspections, all tell me, my tranny is, on its way to a hell & melt down.
Plus 2 told me "NOT TO SERVICE " the fluid, it would make it worse.

Save yourself time and money, for sure I read that 2017/18 are "tagged and bagged" stay away from these vehicles.

But for my money I would move away from the brand.
I just bought a 2017 RTL-T with 55,000 miles on it. It has the shudder problem, just like my 2006 RTL had. It is otherwise like new. My mechanic (not at the dealer) fixed the 2006 Ridgeline by flushing the transmission and using (GM?) ”Shudderfix” or something similar. It is an additive that dissolves the buildup of contamination on the clutch plates. In my case, it took two treatments to completely solve the problem, but it worked. That was ten years ago. My daughter still drives the 2006 Ridgeline without any issues. My 2017 is going to the dealer in two weeks for the Honda recommended service and flush. They are also going to do a test to see if the injectors need to be replaced per their own TSB. There is a TSB that extended the warranty to 8 years / 80,000 miles on the transmission. The TSB Numbers are 17-025 and 17-026. There is also a TSB for a software upgrade. I read about it here on the ROC In “2G Problems, Fixes & TSB’s”: “2017 Transmission Slipping”. It sounds like you need to find a good dealer that is willing to dig into the issue for you by researching your VIV# and applicable TSBs, then going to bat with Honda to fix the problem. i am afraid that we are in the same boat with countless others.
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