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There’s no denying it; trucks are getting softer, but that’s not such a bad thing.

Don’t get me wrong, I love old pickup trucks, but those seriously yearning for the days of grandad’s three-on-the-tree Chevy are blinded by nostalgia, as today’s crop of pickup trucks are more comfortable and capable than ever before. In fact, from behind the wheel, modern trucks are beginning to feel more like large crossovers, and none more so than the Honda Ridgeline.

Honda’s small pickup is returning to the market in 2016 after taking a short hiatus, with many of the essentials staying the same as the previous generation truck. The Ridgeline continues to be a unibody vehicle riding on fully independent suspension, packing a bed that features a trunk and dual-hinged tailgate.

But Honda knew that its small truck needed a big makeover, and the first big change is immediately apparent; the Ridgeline now looks more like a traditional pickup. Though the original truck has its oddball charm, the large buttresses connecting the cab and box give it a pseudo-truck appearance. Honda even says that most of the Ridgeline’s conquest buyers don’t come from other pickups — they come from crossovers and SUVs, driving home the point that not many folks were cross shopping the Ridgeline with trucks like the Toyota Tacoma.

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