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Towing 5,000 pounds isn’t what it used to be. The weight of steel and wood hasn’t changed but the towing capabilities and capacities of the vehicles responsible for moving them sure have.

We have half-ton trucks that can pull over 12,000-pounds, heavy duty pickups that can move over 30,000 pounds, and a new crop of midsize trucks that are as capable as last decade’s half-tons. For most hauling needs, today’s midsize pickup is more than enough, and with Honda’s redesigned 2017 Ridgeline, you get a unique proposition in the segment.

Honda rates the Ridgeline to tow 5,000 pounds, falling short of the Toyota Tacoma’s 6,800-pound max rating and the Chevy Colorado’s max rating of 7,700 pounds, though in the payload department, the Ridgeline stacks up well. It is the only midsize pickup to use a multi-link independent rear suspension, rather than a leaf spring setup, and it is rated for a maximum 1,584 pounds, four pounds more than what the Chevy Colorado can handle.
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