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I've been shopping for accessories. Not much offered aftermarket so I'm stuck with HONDA OEM sutff.

Thought I would share a few links and ideas that might save a few bucks when ordereing HONDA OEM accessories.

The Official Honda Site. Purchase Honda Genuine Accessories and Parts directly from your local dealer on the Honda eStore.
The honda Estore will quote accessories with installation prices. You have to choose a dealer to get the price; NOTE: prices are different for different dealers so try all the dealers around you to get the cheapest. Also, when you purchase from the Estore they have to honor the prices and installation costs regardless of how much time it actually takes them to install.

2017 Genuine Honda Ridgeline Accessories: College Hills Honda
This honda dealership will ship OEM accessories and prices are lower than most dealers.
Found OEM Honda accessories on Amazon, some of the prices are pretty good. Picked up High wall all season floor mats

honda ridgeline 2017 | eBay
Looks like another dealer is selling them on Ebay

I hope this helps someone save some $$ when buying/shopping for OEM accessories.
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