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I stayed out of the Jsport thread because I have no desire to lift my truck, but I will say that they have about the worst marketing angle I have ever seen. Instead of selling just the leveling kit directly to customers that already own a Ridgeline (which could be thousands), they decided to package it with bunch of expensive stuff that people didn't want (wheels, stickers) to a limited market (people currently shopping for a brand new Ridgeline) via a 3rd party (the dealer) that no one really wants to deal with in the first place.

Due to that stubbornness, they will miss being first to the market, pissed off the DIY guys that are likely to lift their truck in the first place, and will have to compete with the dozens of more well known companies (with much better distribution and advertising) that could easily add a RL leveling kit to their lineup.
1 - 1 of 66 Posts
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