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2017 with 140k miles not shifting into overdrive gears!!

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So I've had the tranny judder issue in the past which was "fixed" with 3x DF... and recently, in the last maybe 20k or so miles, have had some hard shifting, so did another 3x DF which seemed to "fix" the issue.

Well, today, after about 220 miles of freeway driving, I pulled over to fuel up and get some snacks. Getting back onto the freeway I quickly realized that the truck would not shift into overdrive as it just sat at ~3000rpm at ~60mph and did not shift. No error messages on the display. So took the next exit, stopped, and restarted truck. Problem went away.

Dog decided she needed a potty break just 10 minutes after getting back on the road, so exited and shut down the truck for about 5 minutes. When I went to merge back onto the freeway, same issue with not shifting into OD once up to speed and thus I took the next exit and restarted the truck. Went another 30 miles or so and reached my second to last destination of the evening with no issue.

Will be plugging in the scanguage for the last 50 miles of the trip... but any ideas what might be going on? Could this be one of the pressure switches I've been reading about on here?
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I recall on my gen 1 that when the alternator went out (and took the battery with it) the Ridge wouldn't shift into higher range. I cruised into a close by Honda dealer and they had me on my way again in about 2 hours and over $900.00 less.

Good luck on yours.
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