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2017 with 140k miles not shifting into overdrive gears!!

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So I've had the tranny judder issue in the past which was "fixed" with 3x DF... and recently, in the last maybe 20k or so miles, have had some hard shifting, so did another 3x DF which seemed to "fix" the issue.

Well, today, after about 220 miles of freeway driving, I pulled over to fuel up and get some snacks. Getting back onto the freeway I quickly realized that the truck would not shift into overdrive as it just sat at ~3000rpm at ~60mph and did not shift. No error messages on the display. So took the next exit, stopped, and restarted truck. Problem went away.

Dog decided she needed a potty break just 10 minutes after getting back on the road, so exited and shut down the truck for about 5 minutes. When I went to merge back onto the freeway, same issue with not shifting into OD once up to speed and thus I took the next exit and restarted the truck. Went another 30 miles or so and reached my second to last destination of the evening with no issue.

Will be plugging in the scanguage for the last 50 miles of the trip... but any ideas what might be going on? Could this be one of the pressure switches I've been reading about on here?
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@gti16vman Awesome! Thanks for the link, super helpful.

I got the gauge programmed but haven't tested it yet actually going anywhere. Reads 15 in reverse, 1 in Drive, 0 in park/neutral.

Before getting it set up though, I snagged my dad's meter (and my dad) take some battery measurements. Started the vehicle from cold, sitting overnight, with 47F ambient temperature. Turned the truck on twice, with the voltage drop measured at 9.884V and 9.54V on the sequential starts. The cold battery hung out at 12.146V and the alternator kept it up at 14.266.

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I also took 3 short trips of 15, 1, and 14 miles, all with no issues. I mean, who doesn't like to chase intermittent problems?
Where did you take the 12.1volt reading from? Measuring at the battery directly, 12.1 volts is only about a 40% charge. If your battery is settling at that voltage over night after a good long drive then that indicates battery issues. I don't know about your voltage drop readings but they don't seem good either.
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Battery was measured at the + terminal to a random bolt in the engine compartment. From my understanding, the readings are at the bottom end of barely alive. Since the battery is at least 6 years old at this point... I'm thinking some battery shopping is in store!
Yes. If the vehicle is being used regularly and the charging system is up to snuff, a battery that falls to 12.1 volts after sitting overnight is no longer functioning properly. Most definitely take care of your battery issue before fretting about the transmission too much. I hope it works out!
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So sorry to hear the bad news.
Did they have any explanation for the what was actually wrong? Were there metal shavings in the fluid? Why was it an intermittent issue?
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