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Hi Just want to Share my Simple mods that i install since when i first got my RL


I started with my old wheels from my Pilot 20x9 Camaro 5th gen wheels with 265/55r20 Bridgestone Ecopia ( I LOVE IT ITS QUIET ON THE HIGHWAY!!!)
- NO RUBBING!!! 20x9 on all 4 wheels. i bought 2 used sets of this wheels because nobody wants to sell just 2 wheels. (sold the 20x8 set after to another ridgeline owner)


Then I Tinted the Turn Signals in just to match the accent of the truck :)


I WANTED TO LIFT IT SO BAD!!!! so I ordered on EBAY some Traxxda Kits 2inch front 2 inch rear (I went with ebay because its cheaper than the original website)
Fast Shipping!!!


After the install is done i put some 275/55r20s Bridgestone Dueller H/L
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT RUBS A LOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Front Wheel Well rubs at the back side. So i put the 265/55/r20s and it still rubs a bit now! guess i didnt do my research about the RL being lifted and there will be rubbing issues

While im at it putting the tires back on I added a side step bars. im 5ft 4 guy so this helps me a lot LOL!


I guess this is it for now? i only have the RL for 3 months so i guess there`s more to come :)
Pics of me RL and my Taco Buddies!

If you guys can give me a suggestion on wheel setup that wont rub, i will appreciate it much :)

Thanks for viewing my Thread ;)

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Thank you for sharing the pics of your RL. I am sure someone else will chime in about the appropriate wheel setup.

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Welcome to the ROC and congrats on your Ridgeline! I like where you're going with this, thanks for sharing the photos!

Can't help you with tires, I'm on stock wheels and tires.
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